Layer Your Necklace For A Soft Feminine Look

In a recent study we came across, study participants viewed 30 photographs of smiling and serious facial expressions of both male and female subjects and rated them for femininity or masculinity. The result indicated that smiling faces significantly more frequently gave the impression of being more feminine. 

While we'd love to tell you that accessories can do all the work for you, the most feminine accessory of all, as the study revealed, is your very smile! You know the saying “the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear is her smile…” that’s what it’s all about – bringing attention to your face. And wearing necklaces, or scarves helps frame the face and thus bring attention there.

If you're new to layering necklaces, start with picking your shortest chain first, for example a choker or shorter pendant necklace, then build out from there. The whole process is an art and when you master it, it can really transform your outfits.

If you're feeling extra daring, you can add different textures along with lengths to make an incredibly unique statement. For the Xorlali Multi Layered Necklace, we've mixed dainty with chunky, small pendants with larger ones and red with clear stone colours and it looks lovely. It's a complete Multi-Strand Necklace so if you’re new on the stacking/layering necklaces then try this one out for feminize your outfits.

Look Your Best , Feel Your Best Each Day! 


House Of Boateng

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