Since October 2020, $1 from every House Of Boateng purchase goes towards KBTH TRUST FUND. A charity providing healthcare support to poor and needy patients in Ghana, West Africa. You can learn more or give here.

Ghana is a West African nation that has made major strides in improving access to health services. Despite the improvements, many Ghanaians who are poor face the frequent challenge of having to spend much of their income on medical bills to care for family or themselves, due to inadequate healthcare support system for the poor. Many families and patients dealing with chronic health conditions often run out of money, and are unable to pay for their healthcare. As a result, most of these patients end up declining, and in some cases even dying.

Through the KBTH TRUST FUND, we are helping patients who are unable to fund their healthcare cost and are in desperate need for assistance. With every purchase of our items, we have partnered with the hospital to donate $1 to the KBTH TRUST FUND to help offset or in some cases fund all the cost for patients who find themselves in this horrible situation. Thank you so much to everyone for your support and contributions. We will be continuing to donate $1 from every House Of Boateng order. Click here to learn more about korle Bu teaching hospital.