Why You Should Rest In Your Femininity

Before COVID-19 disrupted the world and stopped everything, we all knew what being tired felt like at the end of a long day. Chronic fatigue was the curse that kept on giving. Almost every person had it, and especially us women. 


With the harsh reality of normality starting to resume, we are immediately excited by the idea of sharing with you some tips to help you rest in a feminine way - a type of rest important for you as a woman.

Now what is the woman type of rest?

Before we get into that, let's look at how we all normally rest. What do we normally do to relax after work or on a weekend or a holiday? Based on our own personal experiences and research, it would probably include some of these;

Watch movies


Read books

Meet up with friends




Clean your home

Go for a walk

Go out at night

Go to the museum

Go to the zoo

While all of the above activities are great, they are only a reduced intensity of our day-to-day activities. This is why even after taking some time off work to engage in these fun activities, you may still feel weak, depleted, experience headaches and negative emotions, and not in the mood to be inspired. 

These fun activities may bring more energy and aptitude to a man, but not to a woman. It depletes us women because of our nature, something that is different than that of a man. 

Let's look at feminine and masculine energies for a minute...

It is important to point out that regardless of gender, we all have feminine and masculine energies that make up our psyche, and both are equally important in our lives. They drive different forces in our world and help us in different ways. For example; feminine energy makes us compassionate when needed, while masculine energy helps us to accomplish our goals. 

Masculine energy is focused and directional, and when speaking from energy perspective alone, it is said to move vertically, up and down. Whereas feminine energy moves horizontally to the sides. In a research article published in the Daily Mail, Dr. Jim Horne, a leading sleep science expert in Britain points out that, women tend to multi-task and use more of our actual brain than men, leading to a greater need for quality rest. 

In general, due to having lower levels of testosterone as compared to men, we tend to naturally lean towards feminine energy. Although women can be masculine and act masculine, we do not have the natural resources at our disposal to tap into that side of us all the way like a man would. This stays true for a man - He will not be able to be fully feminine like a woman, because his physiology will not allow him. 

In order to experience true rest and benefit from it, the activity should be passive us. Something that meets our specific feminine energy needs, and balances the hormones that influence our health and beauty. 

Ideally once a week, and if not likely for your lifestyle - once a month; have a day where you're doing absolutely nothing, except the following;

Resting in water

"The H2O" is a wonderful feminine element because all known forms of life depend on it. This stays true not only for drinking, but also being around it. As modern women, we are constantly bombarded with sounds of all sort. Sounds from our device, the street, our home, workplace, and office. Our body and brain suffer from sound fatigue and need a downtime, but rarely gets any. Being around water can help us get the needed downtime. Ever stood in water at the edge and looked out on the horizon quietly? It's one of the most calming, refreshing and visually simplified experiences. Dreaming, not making any decisions - just watching clouds and/or watching water.

You can also induce a downtime with water by taking a long bath with candles and essential oils. It will be most beneficial if you don't listen to any news or educational audios; only calm and peaceful music. 

Looking deep into nature, quietly

Other than water, you can visit a quiet and peaceful place, somewhere in nature and think peace and stillness, like a quiet lake.

Staying home and doing nothing

Sometime staying home may be the best choice for you. If you want movies at home – watch non-violent, gentle, kind and maybe romantic ones, not educational. If you just cannot get by without physical activity, then make sure an activity you engage in is passive. For example, slow soft yoga or stretching. 

On this day, become comfortable in silence, and let your body rest according to how it has been made. Rest completely in your femininity and recover with energy, playfulness, inspired, happy, laughing, beautiful and magnetic!  

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